H2OIL Corporation is the leading developer and manufacturer of liquid nanotechnology fuel and engine oil additives for a cleaner and healthier world. We provide effective and practical solutions to help conserve natural resources, improve air quality, and combat climate change.

Our F2-21® Nanotech eeFuel® Fuel Additive & eeLube® Engine Oil Additive can make a significant difference.

For user applications:

Improve Fuel Economy

Reduce Harmful Emissions

Clean Engine Deposits

Reduce Maintenance Costs & Downtime

Prolong Engine & Equipment Life

And for helping the planet:


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Developed and perfected over decades of research, H2OIL's F2-21® Nanotech eeFuel® and eeLube® additives have been tested & proven successful across billions of miles worldwide. These additives provide immediate savings and benefits through increased fuel efficiency resulting in a significant reduction of harmful emissions, cleaner burning, increased power and longer engine life.

Savings and Benefits begin immediately after use.