About H2Oil Corporation




Located in California’s Silicon Valley, H2OIL has been developing, manufacturing and supplying proprietary F2-21® Nanotechnology multifunctional fossil fuel and engine oil additives/enhancers to the world markets since 1993.

F2-21 eeFuel Fuel Additive and F2-21 eeLube® Engine Oil Additive’s main market is large fuel users such as fleet companies where it substantially improves fuel economy, reduces maintenance and prolongs equipment life. In turn, F2-21 eeFuel and eeLube help oil companies meet governmental fuel efficiency and clean air regulations.

H2OIL Corporation’s research and development has steadily improved its products, making it the current world leader in utilizing nanotechnology to produce green fossil fuels and green engine lubricating oils. The United Nations, Forbes Magazine, Frost & Sullivan, the Wall Street Reporter and many other publications have recognized the Company’s quality products for its advanced green technology as a way to improve fuel efficiency and the air quality.

F2-21 Additives are easy to use, cost effective and environmentally friendly. They have been used successfully over billions of miles in real-life applications.

H2OIL Corporation’s mission is to work to improve overall fuel economy for the fuel users and also to work toward a cleaner and healthier planet by providing effective, practical solutions to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions in the battle against global warming and climate change.