H2OIL Corporation is an environmental technology firm located in California's Silicon Valley. The company mission is developing, manufacturing, and marketing the world's most effective high-tech green fuel and oil additives. Under the brand name F2-21®, after 20 years of research and development, H2OIL has achieved this goal, and become the world leader in producing high-performance nanotechnology liquid fuel and motor oil additives. H2OIL's application of advanced liquid nanotechnology techniques has created F2-21® fuel and oil products like none others which provide immediate and dramatic improvement in combustion, engine performance and emission control when added to gasoline/petrol, diesel fuel, kerosene, home heating oil, heavy fuel oil and engine lubricating oil.

F2-21® products are easy to use, cost effective and environmentally friendly. H2OIL products have been used successfully under real-life and day-to-day driving conditions for over 20 billion miles in many countries.

H2OIL is dedicated to continuing its mission to work toward a cleaner and healthier tomorrow by providing effective, practical solutions to help conserve energy, improve air quality, reduce carbon footprint, fight global warming, and most importantly, achieve this at no net cost.